Winget 1.3 Preview is now available with experimental features

Earlier this month, Microsoft released Windows Package Manager (also known as winget) version 1.2.10271. The release brought new features and improvements but also disabled some experimental capabilities. Now Microsoft is back with a new preview version of winget. Windows Package Manager 1.3.432 Preview is available for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, plus Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Windows Package Manager Winget 1.3.432 Preview

What is new in Windows Package Manager 1.3.432 Preview?

  • Add Package Dependencies to index.
  • Update
  • Bug fix: PackageTrackingCatalog and SQLiteIndexUpdate.
  • Update TSG with more information about a known issue.
  • Added argument to control whether to upgrade packages if they have "unknown" versions.
  • First drafted client cmdlets from Hackathon 221.
  • Fix some build warnings.
  • Fix Typo in
  • Add support for UnsupportedOSArchitectures manifest element.
  • Added check for maximum size of downloaded file names.
  • Fix DLL load error in WinGetUtil.
  • Update localization strings.
  • Add comments for localization.
  • Moved "Installing Dependencies" message to only print if there are dependencies to install.
  • Adds experiment to know if PATH is common issue.
  • Check FS feature flags instead of checking for NTFS.
  • Add titles to 1.1 schema for ExpectedReturnCode and UnsupportedOSArchitecture.
  • Split pipeline build job into x86 and x64.
  • Allow upgrades in packages that register a different installer type.
  • Add a default user agent to REST source calls.
  • Add upgrade functionality in Com api.
  • Print the upgrade table during upgrade –all.
  • Add support for markets.
  • [ImgBot] Optimize images.
  • Fix crash that can occur when failure pointers are null.
  • Added extra check for valid arguments in upgrade.
  • Add InstallerErrorCode to COM interface.
  • Update gif animation for winget install wingetcreate.
  • Bump version to 1.3

Winget is a native Windows Package Manager that allows you to install, modify, and uninstall applications using Windows Terminal. It supports scripting for quick bulk installation, which comes in handy after clean-installing Windows. Besides, you can use Windows Package Manager to uninstall stock Windows 11 apps and other programs.


Windows Package Manager works on Windows 10 1809 and higher.

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