The key features of Windows Mixed Reality in Windows 10 Version 1803

Starting in Windows 10 Build 17115, Windows 10 features a number of improvements made to the built-in Windows Mixed Reality feature. All these improvements will be included in Windows 10 version 1803, which is coming to the stable branch this March.

How to Uninstall Mixed Reality Portal in Windows 10

As you may already know, Windows 10 comes bundled the Windows Holographic platform. The built-in Mixed Reality Portal is a part of the VR platform. Here is how to uninstall it if you found no use for this app.

Microsoft is bringing HoloLens to 29 new markets

A new blog post by Microsoft reveals that the Redmond software giant is bringing HoloLens to  29 additional markets starting today. That means HoloLens is now available in 39 markets, up from the 10 markets it was available in. The product continues to be targeted at developers and businesses.

How to See if PC supports Mixed Reality in Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update, there is a new feature - the Holographic platform, which has a special icon in Settings. In recent builds of Windows 10, it is called Mixed Reality. Here is how to find your Windows 10 PC supports Mixed Reality.

Disable the Mixed Reality Portal Hardware Checks in Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update, there is a new feature - the Windows Holographic platform, which has a special icon in Settings. There is also a built-in app, Windows Mixed Reality Portal. If it can't find the required hardware, it doesn't start. Here is a tweak which will allow you to disable the Mixed Reality Portal hardware checks and run the app.

Rumor: Microsoft is already working on HoloLens 2.0

Microsoft HoloLens was first announced almost two years ago and during that time it has not only created countless possibilities for developers all around the world but has also become the flagship device for the new wave of mixed reality headsets: the entire family of Windows Holographic devices coming later next year is inspired by Microsoft's own product. But now it seems like the company itself isn't planning to just stay in the shadows — new rumors suggest that Microsoft is already working on HoloLens 2.0.

Microsoft may reveal more about third party VR plans at WinHEC

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its plans to bring Windows Holographic to 3rd party hardware from partners. This includes not only VR-ready PCs from Windows OEMs, but also head-mounted displays (HDMs): the company is actively working on HDM specifications in collaboration with Intel. The goal of this project is to create a new hardware category for consumers allowing almost everyone to get into the world of Virtual Reality without spending large amounts of money on buying a compatible device.

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