Windows Holographic in Windows 10 build 15002 Can Detect Hardware

Windows 10 build 15002 found its way to the Internet earlier today. This build comes with plenty of changes and new features. One of them is the Windows Holographic app.

Windows Holographic is the platform that adds mixed reality experiences available on Microsoft HoloLens. It offers a holographic shell and an interaction model, perception APIs, and Xbox Live services.

Earlier, in Windows 10 build 14971, Microsoft had included a new Windows Holographic app which is part of the Windows Holographic Shell. Microsoft had described it as follows:

As we have previously announced we are working on the Windows Holographic Shell that is going to be included in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. In today’s flight you will see the Windows Holographic First Run app. While you will be able to launch the app and walk through the first few screens, it won’t detect any hardware. This app and the Windows Holographic Shell is still under active development here at Microsoft and with our partners.

Windows 10 build 15002 is the first build in which the Windows Holographic app finally can detect your hardware. See the following screenshot:

Holographic Holographic 2


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    I can’t find this app on App List… Is it the way to show?


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