Microsoft is bringing HoloLens to 29 new markets

A new blog post by Microsoft reveals that the Redmond software giant is bringing HoloLens to  29 additional markets starting today. That means HoloLens is now available in 39 markets, up from the 10 markets it was available in. The product continues to be targeted at developers and businesses.

The official announcement states the following:

In addition to outlining our vision for mixed reality in the modern workplace, we also announced that HoloLens is coming to 29 new markets in Europe.

Microsoft expects that mixed reality will change the way we work in the near future. They expect Firstline Workers and Information Workers to benefit significantly from solutions that blend their physical and digital reality.

HoloLens is expected to receive a new software update early next year, with improvements based on feedback from existing customers.

We are also working to bring some of the most asked for software updates for HoloLens to our existing customers. We are committed to delivering an update to existing customers sometime early next year.

As of this writing, HoloLens remains exclusively available for developers and businesses. The commercial suite and the development edition for HoloLens can be obtain from the Microsoft Store.

Source: Microsoft.


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