The latest Telegram update allows sending 2GB files, setting profile videos, and more

The Telegram app has received a new set of features with the latest update, including the file size limit lifted from 1.5 GB to 2 GB per a file of any type, more animated emoji, support for multiple accounts on Telegram Desktop, and more.

Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)

The Telegram Messenger app is very popular on both Desktop and mobile. If you installed and used it, you might be interested in learning its keyboard shortcuts. These hotkeys can help you save time and increase productivity. Here we go.

Telegram Desktop gets picture-in-picture support and more

Right now, Telegram Messenger is more popular than it ever has been. With the recent release of the Telegram Desktop client in the Windows Store, more and more users over the world find it a convenient alternative to WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger. The team behind it is also working hard on adding more and more features to all versions of the clients, including the Windows app. And the recent update to the app brings some features worth mentioning.

Telegram client is now available in the Windows Store

Telegram Messenger has been available on multiple platforms for years now, including Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows Phone. Sadly, the current app for Microsoft platforms is not universal and runs only on mobile devices, while desktop users had to download a classic Win32 version of the client from the official site. Yesterday a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version has also become available to install from the Windows Store. But this has been made possible with the help of the official Microsoft Desktop App Converter tool.

How to hide contacts from left side in Telegram Desktop

Telegram is a fast-growing app which competes with WhatsApp and Viber in the mobile messaging market. Like these apps, it also has a desktop version for Windows, Linux and Mac. There is an issue with the official Telegram Desktop app - it does not give you a clear option to hide the contact list on the left side of its window. Here is a little trick you can use to bypass this limitation.

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