Export Chat History To a File in Telegram Desktop

The Telegram Messenger app is very popular on both Desktop and mobile. If you installed and used it, you might be interested in exporting individual chat history to a file. Here is how it can be done.

Telegram Desktop

Telegram Messenger has been available on multiple platforms for years now, including Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows Phone. From all the modern messengers, Telegram has most lightweight Desktop app and nice features like history synced across all your devices, large file transfer (up to 2 GB), free stickers and a lot of other features often implemented better than in similar apps.


Starting with version 1.3.13, the app allows exporting the chat history for individual conversations. The change log for the app looks as follows.

– Export data from individual chats using the '...' menu.
– Added a new night theme.
– You can now assign custom themes as night and day themes to quickly switch between them.
- Telegram Passport now supports more types of data including translated versions of documents.
– Improved password hashing algorithm to better protect Telegram Passport data.

The export chat history feature supports all kinds of conversations, including your personal Saved Messages, bots, channels, group chats and individual chats.

To export an individual chat history to a file in Telegram Desktop, do the following.

  1. Open the desired conversation in Telegram.
  2. Click on menu button with three vertical dots.
  3. Select "Export chat history" from the menu.Telegram Export Chat History
  4. In the next dialog, select the desired elements to export, such as photos, videos, audio files, and so on.Telegram Export Chat History Dialog
  5. Under Download path, you can browse for the folder which will store your exported chat history.
  6. Click on the Export button.

The app will notify you about finishing the export process.

Telegram Export Chat History Finished

The chat history will be exported to a number of HTML files. The media data, e.g. stickers, videos, images, etc, will be organized into subfolders.

Telegram Export Chat History Files

The exported history looks closer to the default Telegram chat style. The feature doesn't apply extra styling like your current theme. Instead, it uses a plain white background and default colors.

Telegram Chat History Style

Export Entire Data from Telegram Settings

Another way to export your data from the Telegram app to a file is a new option in its settings. It allows exporting the entire Telegram data.

  1. Click on the hamburger menu button.
  2. Choose Settings from the main menu.Telegram Main Menu Settings
  3. In Settings, scroll down to the Privacy and Security section.
  4. There, click on the link Export Telegram Data.Telegram Export Telegram Data Link
  5. In the next dialog, tick the items you want to export, and specify the destination folder.Telegram Export Telegram Data Items
  6. Also, here you can choose between HTML and JSON formats.Telegram Export Telegram Data Format
  7. Click on the Export button.

The following video demonstrates the procedure in action.

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That's it.

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  1. in telegram export chat history .how about if the history is also deleted.can retrieve and xport the data from oldest to present chat?

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