Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)

The Telegram Messenger app is very popular on both Desktop and mobile. If you installed and used it, you might be interested in learning its keyboard shortcuts. These hotkeys can help you save time and increase productivity. Here we go.


Note: This post was updated on January 25, 2021 with more keyboard shortcuts available in actual Telegram versions.
Telegram Desktop

Telegram Messenger has been available on multiple platforms for years now, including Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows Phone. From all the modern messengers, Telegram has most lightweight Desktop app and nice features like history synced across all your devices, large file transfer (up to 2 GB), free stickers and a lot of other features often implemented better than in similar apps.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts in Telegram:

Move to next chatCtrl + Tab
Move to next chatCtrl + PageDown
Move to next chatAlt + Arrow Down
Move to previous chatCtrl + Shift + Tab
Move to previous chatCtrl + PageUp
Move to previous chatAlt + Arrow Up
Go to Previous FolderCtrl + Shift + Arrow Up
Go to Next FolderCtrl + Shift + Arrow Down
Search selected chatCtrl + F
Exit selected chat and search TelegramEsc
Exit display of current chat/channelEsc
Delete currently selected messageDelete
Quit TelegramCtrl + Q
Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set)Ctrl + L
Iconify (Minimize) TelegramCtrl + M
Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System TrayCtrl + W
Edit Previous MessageArrow Up
Start New Line in Input AreaCtrl + Enter or Shift + Enter
Move Cursor to Start of Multi-line MessageCtrl + Home
Make Text ItalicCtrl + I
Make Text BoldCtrl + B
Make Text UnderlineCtrl + U
Make Text StriketroughCtrl + Shift + X
Make Text MonospaceCtrl + Shift + M
Remove Text Formatting (Make Selection Plain Text)Ctrl + Shift + N
Add URL to Selected Text (Make Link)Ctrl + K
Send FileCtrl + O
Open ContactsCtrl + J

That's it. Please let me know if I forgot something.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

42 thoughts on “Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)”

  1. Thank you for sharing them.
    There is one shortcut that I want to suggest. If you have created a draft of a message and haven’t sent it yet, then you can use Ctrl + Home to come to the starting point of the message (to edit something at the beginning) and Ctrl + End to come to the end point of the message draft.

    1. This is a key combination that works in text input fields; it is not unique to Telegram’s message input field. (I’m not sure if it works in all text input fields.)

    1. That is not necessarily a Telegram keyboard shorcut… can be used in any text field.. like whatsapp, docx even search bar…. home takes u to the start of line & CTRl + home takes you to the start of the typed text.

  2. hello there my name is Darryl and i would like to know if there is a shortcut key for pausing and playing voice notes if not it would be great if it was made because i have to keep going to the voice note when i need to pause it.

    1. Whatsapp doesn’t hv a very good desktop app.. that is one of the reason it isn’t for power users…. moreover, they just focus simple features used by general public

    1. Because the secret Chat is sent from one device to another – right away – and is not stored on the telegram servers. So it cannot be loaded from another device.
      Secret chats are currently only available on mobile devices (sadly).

  3. That is not necessarily a Telegram keyboard shorcut… can be used in any text field.. like whatsapp, docx even search bar…. home takes u to the start of line & CTRl + home takes you to the start of the typed text.

  4. Some great ones in here!
    Does anyone know it there’s a shortcut for “mark as unread”?
    I use this a lot and this would save quite some time over hundreds of uses.

  5. any shortcut to move to typing area without using the mouse to click it?
    also, a delete message shortcut?
    (both for desktop)

  6. I accidentally clicked key combination that turned off (in desktop app) the element that shows unread count with the down arrow. How do I make it visible again?

  7. I used to be ale to use Ctrl + Command + space bar to bring up my emoji list. I guess this is no longer the case?

  8. Is there a way to download an entire chat on a Mac desktop?
    How do I go to the beginning of a (long) chat?

    Thanks for your help!

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