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.NET Core 2.0 is out with major improvements

Microsoft has released a new major version of its .NET Core runtime. For those of you who do not know, .NET Core is a cross-platform development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community. Version 2.0 brings a lot of performance improvements, support for more platforms and a few new features for users of the latest Visual Studio IDE versions. Continue reading

ShareX screen capturing tool is now available in the Windows Store

Windows 10 has more than enough options for making a screenshot with built-in features: from the recently introduced Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut and Screen sketch in Windows Ink to the more traditional ones like Snipping tool and PrtScreen, Alt+PrtScreen and Win+PrtScreen hotkeys. However, some people prefer an integrated solution that handles everything from capturing, editing to sharing. There are, of course, dozens of third party Win32 apps and UWP apps for making screenshots on the web, but ShareX is one of the most popular options right now. Continue reading

Bing Maps to support custom map styles and more

Microsoft's Bing Maps is certainly not the most popular maps service worldwide, but for Universal Windows Platform developers, it's a good mapping solution to use in their apps. Microsoft continues to improve it on both fronts — for regular users and developers at the same time. The latest update to the service, named Bing Maps V8 Summer Update, bring some features that were long requested by both kinds of users. Continue reading

OneDrive History is Finally Available For All Files

OneDrive has a really useful feature called "Version History". It allows the user to restore previous (older) versions of files you store in Microsoft's cloud storage. Earlier, this feature was available only for Microsoft Office documents, but now it is going to be unlocked for all files.
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WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with new UI features

WhatsApp for Windows Phones is still an old app built originally for Windows Phone 8, which means it's a Silverlight app and may be discontinued in the next Windows 10 Mobile release. However this fact isn't stopping the devs from bringing more features to the current version of the app. A few days ago, WhatsApp for Windows Phone received another update, version, which brings some additions that were in testing in the beta version of the app.

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How to Combine Multiple Registry Files into a Single One

Often in the articles that I write, I include various Registry files to save your time. They come with a number of changes in different root keys of the Registry. You can save your time even more by combining various Registry tweaks into a single file so you only have to merge that one file into the Registry. In this article, we will see how it can be done and how to make this process faster.
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