First and second-gen Surface Laptop receive a new firmware

A new month means new patches and updates for Surface devices. This time, the new firmware is available for the first and second-gen Surface Laptop. You can download the updates in the Settings – Security and Updates – Windows Updates. They would be there if your Surface Laptop is running Windows 10 1903 and newer. The chances are that you are already on a newer version, considering that Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 20H2 update to more devices.

Surface Pro X SQ1 and SQ2 received a unified firmware update

The first and the second generation of Surface Pro X received a unified firmware update. A bunch of fresh updates did not bring significant changes, but they improve overall system stability, Wi-Fi reliability, and address various causes for bugchecks. Interestingly, Microsoft uses a single update for both Surface Pro X generations, likely due to the little difference between the two.

Surface Pro 7 and Surface Studio 2 received February firmware updates

Microsoft has released a bunch of fresh updates for those owning the latest Surface Pro 7 and an older but still actual Surface Studio 2. As usual, these updates contain new firmware, drivers, and different improvements to make your device work better. You can install them using Windows Update in Settings if your Surface Pro 7 and Surface Studio 2 device runs Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update or newer.

Microsoft is now rolling out February firmware update for Surface Duo

Surface Duo owners noticed that their dual-screen smartphones receive a  February firmware update. At the time of writing this article, there is no official word from Microsoft on what is new in this update. Microsoft finally published the official changelog for this update on February 19. The build number is 2121.115.52, and it is tiny – you need only 66 MB to install it.

Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 this Summer

Despite promising three years of regular updates to Surface Duo, Microsoft so far has been relatively slow with releasing new firmware. While Google Pixel owners are already looking to get the first preview of Android 12, those rocking Surface Duo still wait for Microsoft to ship Android 11. There is no official information on when the new Android version for Surface Duo lands, but rumors say that the first major update will come out this Summer.

Microsoft patented swappable panels for Surface devices

Microsoft has a massive portfolio of different patents that often reveal some interesting ideas and original takes on regular hardware. WindowsUnited uncovered a patent that describes swappable panels on computers for additional customization. It does not mention specific Surface devices in the description (Microsoft uses a vague "computing devices" moniker), but the patent's images use the Surface Laptop as an example. 

Surface Duo is coming to the UK on February 18

Microsoft is finally ready to start selling its quirky dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo outside the US. After launching the smartphone in the US only in September 2020, Microsoft will bring Surface Duo to the UK on February 18. Besides the UK, Microsoft intends to start selling this device in France, Germany, and Canada, but it is yet to announce the specific date and price for these countries.

Intel GPU driver update brings significant performance improvements to Windows 10

Intel has released an update for its GPU drivers, available for Windows 10 version 1709 and above. The DCH driver version is notable for improvements made to performance and a number of other graphics enhancements that allow smoothly running many games.