Fix Broken Sound in Skype For Linux 8.x

Recently, I upgraded the Skype app on my Linux Mint 17 operating system to version 8, which is the newer Linux Skype client. After that, Skype became unusable. The audio call quality sounded robotic, and it was breaking every other second, like when audio latency is too high for smooth glitch-free playback, so I couldn't recognize a single word. Here's how to fix it.

How To Run Skype 4.3 for Linux After November 2017

As you may already know, Microsoft has killed the good old Skype for Linux version 4.3. The classic app written in Qt, which was fast and lightweight, can no longer be used because it can't sign-in to the service. Here is a quick workaround that will revive the app for you.

Skype for Linux Drops AMD CPU Support

As you may already know, Microsoft is developing a new Skype version for the Linux OS. Unlike previous 4.x versions of Skype, which are considered classic, the new app is Electron-based and comes with its own Chromium engine. Essentially, it is a wrapper for the web version of Skype, with some enhancements. If you have a 5 year-old CPU made by AMD, you may run into an issue that recent versions of Skype won't start at all.

Skype dead on Windows RT, Phone and TVs starting July 2017

After announcing that Skype for Linux will be retired in favor of the newly developed, completely different Skype beta client for Linux, Microsoft has also announced that some Skype clients for the Windows platform will stop working on July 1, 2017. This will impact Skype users on Windows Phone (8 and 8.1) and Windows RT devices, as well as TVs and users of the Skype Messaging app integration in Windows 10 Mobile.

Skype 4.3 for Linux will continue working after March 1, 2017

As you may remember, a few days ago Microsoft announced that Skype versions which utilize the P2P protocol will be discontinued on March 1st, 2017. This will affect certain versions of Skype for Windows and macOS. It was assumed that the classic Linux version of the app will stop working as well, because it is using the P2P protocol too. But for now, it's going to continue to work.

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