Enable Flags for MATE Keyboard Layout Indicator

As you might know, MATE is a fork of Gnome 2 with a traditional Desktop interface like a taskbar, system tray and apps menu. MATE is developed along with Linux Mint, which is one of the most popular Linux distros these days. In this article, I would like to show you how to enable and set custom flags for the keyboard layout indicator in MATE.

How to change the brightness dim intensity in Linux Mint when on battery running MATE

By default, when you switch your Linux Mint laptop from AC power to battery, MATE dims the brightness level to 50% from the current brightness level. Personally, I felt that 50% was too low of a value for me, where the display felt too dark. There is no option in the GUI to change this value, but it can be tweaked anyway. Let's see how.

How to set the default brightness level in Linux Mint MATE edition

If you are running Linux Mint with MATE on a laptop, you might be interested in learning how to set the default level of brightness for the screen. A lower screen brightness can save you more battery power. Even when you are using an AC power source, an optimum brightness level can make reading more comfortable. Here is how it can be done.

Some nice improvements are coming to the MATE desktop environment on Linux

Developers behind the MATE Linux desktop environment, which is based on Gnome 2 and provides a similar look and feel, announced some interesting changes they are making to future versions of MATE. They have improved touchpad and display settings as well as power management for this excellent desktop environment.

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