MATE 1.20 released

A new version of the popular MATE desktop environment for Linux is out. This release is all about GTK+ 3 improvements and fixes. Let's see what's new in MATE 1.20.



The MATE 1.20 release is focused on improving GTK3+ compatibility, moving components to newer libraries, bugfixes and code improvements.  Here are the key changes in this release.

Mate Desktop

The entire MATE Desktop suite of applications and components is now GTK3+ only. They require GTK 3.22 and GLib 2.50.

The packages will be available for Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mageia, Slackware and openSUSE very soon.


The key changes are as follows.

What's new in MATE 1.20

  • MATE Desktop 1.20 supports HiDPI displays with dynamic detection and scaling.
    • HiDPI hints for Qt applications are also pushed to the environment to improve cross toolkit integration.
    • Toggling HiDPI modes triggers dynamic resize and scale, no log out/in required.
  • Marco now supports DRI3 and XPresent, if available.
    • Frame rates in games are significantly increased when using Marco.
  • Marco now supports drag to quadrant window tiling, cursor keys can be used to navigate the Alt + tab switcher and keyboard shourtcuts to move windows to another monitor were added.
  • Support for Global Menu providers such as vala-panel-appmenu has been added.
  • MATE Panel has much improved Status Notifier Items (SNI) support.
  • Bookmarks now support GTK3+ locations.
  • MATE Terminal now supports background images, adds solarised themes and keybindings to switch tabs.
  • Atril, the document viewer, has had a massive overhaul and is better in every single way. Yes, all ways. Better!
    • In particular accessibility support for visually impaired users is considerably improved.
    • Caret navigation has been added.
  • The Invest applet has been dropped from MATE Applets.
    • The API, provided by Yahoo, has been discontinued and there is no reputable drop in replacement available.
  • Panel applets now size correctly based on the units being displayed and many graphs are dynamically scaled.
  • MATE Themes have seen significant improvements to fully implement all style classes exposed by GTK 3.22
  • Engrampa, the archive viewer, has improved support for encrypted 7z archives.
  • MATE Sensors Applet (finally) supports udisks2.
  • OpenBSD authentication is supported in MATE Screensaver and minizip in Atril supports more BSD variants.
  • Translations are updated.
  • A-n-d for distro maintainers we’ve bumped the minimum GTK3+ and GLib requirements.
    • GTK 3.22 and GLib 2.50 or newer are required to build MATE Desktop 1.20.

The various components of MATE Desktop 1.20 are available for download here:

The complete change log can be found in the official blog post.


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6 thoughts on “MATE 1.20 released”

  1. You can add Solus to the list of distros available with MATE as well. In my experience Solus MATE both looks and performs amazingly well. Solus 4 will be released any day now, I recommend checking it out all of its DE flavors.

      1. Solus are upgrading to MATE 1.20 on this Friday, when they usually sync, so one can try it out before the Solus 4 release.

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