Linux Mint now ships Chromium in its repos, introduces IPTV app

This has finally happened. Ubuntu no longer ships Chromium as a DEB package starting in version 20.04, and force installs a span package instead. In order to resolve this issue and offer the traditional package instead, the Mint project is now running a dedicated build server that makes a DEB package for Chromium. Also, there is a test version of the new IPTV app.

Linux Mint announces version 20.1 ‘Ulyssa’, own Chromium packages, and much more

In its monthly digest, the Linux Mint project has revealed the code name for Linux Mint 20.1, which is Ulyssa. Also, the announcement includes new Chromium packages that the project is going to maintain and build from upstream, as an alternative to Ubuntu's snap option. Besides there, there are new apps and other improvements.

Web App Manager in Linux Mint converts websites into apps

The Linux Mint team has published their monthly news issue for the project, which comes with plenty of interesting announcements. These include a few important updates to Linux Mint 19.3, bugfixes, and a new app, Web App Manager, that allows running websites as standalone apps in Linux. It is something close to Progressive Web Apps.

Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” will be 64-bit only, based on Ubuntu 20.04

The Linux Mint developers are dropping 32-bit support and will only ship 64-bit ISOs. Linux Mint 20, code name "Ulyana", is based on Ubuntu 20.04, which will also discontinue 32-bit system support, so this change in Mint was obvious and predictable.

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