Install Previous Linux Mint Wallpapers in Mint 18

Linux Mint is well known for having gorgeous wallpapers shipped with every version of the distro. Linux Mint 18 is not an exception. It also comes with a set of beautiful desktop backgrounds. But it omits some of the background images which were shipped with Linux Mint previously. Here is how to get them.

How to batch rename files in Linux Mint

There are several situations when you might want to rename multiple files at once in Linux. One good example of such a scenario is when you are arranging your photo collection. If you need to rename a group of files at once, here is how you can do it in Linux Mint.

Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” announced, includes nice new features

Today, Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa" was announced. This release appears to be the last point release of version 17. For existing Mint 17.x users, the upgrade process should be smooth and quick. Besides security and stability fixes, "Rosa" brings some new features to the user interface.

How to install MATE in Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition

As you might be knowing, Linux Mint features two desktop environments which are in development by the Mint team. One of them is Cinnamon which comes with rich graphical effects and a very nice look, and the other one is MATE, the fork of the good old Gnome 2, which is simple, fast and requires no introduction to those familiar with Linux environments. Once you install Linux Mint with Cinnamon, you might be interested in installing MATE alongside Cinnamon. Here is how to do that.

How to partition your hard drive to install Linux Mint

Starting today, I would like to cover Linux here at Winaero! There's no need to panic. It will not replace our regular Windows articles and we will not shift the focus from Windows to Linux manuals and tutorials. However, it will be a nice addition for everyone who wants to give Linux a try for the first time if they are not satisfied with Windows. We will show on our blog how to prepare your PC to install Linux in a dual boot configuration. Today's article is about how to partition the disk drive and optionally make it use a single partition. If you plan to switch to Linux in the future, or if you are just curious about this operating system, you will enjoy it.

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