Microsoft confirms taskbar in Windows 11 no longer supports drag and drop

Windows 11 contains some quite drastic and visual changes compared to the good-old Windows 10. After installing Windows 11 preview builds, which are currently available in the Windows Insider program, you will notice right away a new centered taskbar, brand-new Start menu, and other visual refinements.

Windows 11 Remove Chat Button from Taskbar

This post will show you how to add or remove the Chat button from the taskbar on Windows 11. The Chat button in Windows 11 integrates Microsoft Teams directly into the taskbar. It allows you quickly chat with your friends using Teams (RIP Skype) using text messages, voice, or video calls. All that is needed is to click the Chat button and start a conversation. 

Rename a Drive and Change Volume Label in Windows 11

You may want to rename a drive and change volume label in Windows 11 to better differentiate your storage options in File Explorer and other apps.  Every time you format a drive without specifying a name, Windows assigns the default "Local disk" name, for example, "Local disk (D:)." You can rename a volume at any time using one of several methods available in Windows 11.

How to Restart File Explorer in Windows 11

This post will show you how to Restart File Explorer in Windows 11 in order to apply some setting, tweak, or fix an issue with the Windows shell. Windows Explorer, also known as explorer.exe but not to confuse with Internet Explorer, is a default process in Windows 11 responsible for the user interface and shell, file manager, taskbar, Start menu, etc. Sometimes you might want to restart it to apply some tweaks or changes in the UI or bring the system back to life.