Windows 11 no longer supports file drag-n-drop on address bar

Starting in the most recent version Windows 11 22H2 Moment 4, you can no longer drag a file to the address bar of File Explorer to copy or move it to a parent folder or other folder in the path. The change affects the upcoming major release, 23H2, as well. Microsoft considers the feature not enough popular among users, so the new File Explorer doesn't include it.


Windows 11 is big milestone in the OS history. It includes many drastic changes, because Microsoft decided to drop several legacy components that survived from the Windows 95 era, and start some things from scratch. This allowed the company to make the OS faster and more reliable. Windows 11 greets the user with a new shell, that include modern versions of the taskbar, Start menu and File Explorer.

But the price you pay are missing features that have a long way back. It took two major releases and several minor updates before the taskbar has got the ability to ungroup app windows and show text labels.

File Explorer lost its Ribbon UI, but it now give you tabs, just like in a web browser. They allow you to work with multiple folders in one window, a thing that many was awaiting for years.

A lesser known feature is the ability to drag and drop a file on the address bar. From there, you could release it on a path portion in the breadcrumb, so the file could be copied or moved there. However, the new File Explorer no longer includes it.

Windows 11 File Explorer No Drag Address Bar

Windows Latest, who spotted the change, managed to reach Microsoft and asked the representative person what has happened to the option.

“This [drag and drop] isn’t currently supported with the updated address bar….. we’ll continue monitoring feedback,” Microsoft says.

Some users already complain about the missing option. But there is a little chance that Microsoft will restore it, as it wasn't that popular.

The reason behind this change is the updated address bar in File Explorer. Starting in Windows 11 22H2 Moment 4, the OS draws the OneDrive sync status right in the address bar, and also invites the user to start a backup of its documents to the cloud. This new feature made impossible to drag files on folder paths.

The remote feature was first introduced in Windows 8 along with the new File Explorer. And it disappeared almost along with it, surviving only two major releases of Windows 11.


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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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20 thoughts on “Windows 11 no longer supports file drag-n-drop on address bar”

  1. The loss of this feature is a serious hit to my productivity. I’m frequently dragging and dropping files from one level of folder to another. I submitted a request to bring it back on the feedback hub. Hopefully MS will see the sense in this. Otherwise I’m going to have to find a Windows 11 add on that allows me to do this somehow. Shame on MS.

    1. I AGREE AND NEED THIS FUNCTION BACK. There is no option to few the sub-folders, not even in the Quick Access area. I really am struggling with this drag and drop feature.

  2. Humm I need this feature back lol.. Save so much time, now you have to go back-open folder in new window-drag/drop.. at least new feature allow drag/drop a tab in new window.

  3. Another stupid move. stop taking function away from 60% of the users who use them everyday. Speak to your users not developers. Bring it back

  4. Not a good move at all, completely destroys my productivity as a freelancer who uses the address bar to quickly move necessary files. Might go to Mac if unnecessary and foolish changes keep happening.

  5. Go upvote my feedback to Microsoft for this issue!

    This was a bad move by their development team.

  6. I used to adore the file drop to the address bar functionality
    It was such an efficient way to move files
    This is such a backward move.

  7. This is the workaround I use for now, but it’s definitely “the long way around”:

    1. Click the up arrow tool (to the left of the address) to go to the folder’s parent.
    2. Right-click the subfolder you were in and select: Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut).
    3. Move that shortcut where you would have dropped.

    Don’t bother telling me it’s a terrible alternative. I know it is.

  8. I have been using this feature every day since December 2021 since I moved from mac to windows. I am floored and thought I was going crazy the last couple months when I could no longer do it. I literally thought my OS was corrupt and was preparing to do a re install at my earliest convenience. My entire workflow with the amount of audio samples I deal with, relies on it.
    I’ll have to reinstall windows and downgrade to a previous Win 11 build. I will NEVER get used to not being able to drag and drop in explorer title bar. Can I stay on a previous Windows 11 build perpetually?

    Does win 10 support it? If so, I will use that, even though I have a 13th gen processor with P and E cores.

    This is such an inconvenience for me, I am utterly flabbergasted why a major change like this would be made in the explorer without so much as a warning. I am used to APPLE doing nonsense like this, not Microsoft (although at last check, you can still do this in OSX).
    I don’t even know how to react, other than total frustration and disappointment.

    I wish I wasn’t such a gamer in my spare time, I’d still be on OSX (the only reason I moved), and that’s why I struggle to move back to Mac. But for my music projects, it makes sense to just go back to Apple. I deal with thousands of files per week, sometimes per day. I need this feature or it will drive me nuts as my motor memory will always try to work that way.

    Happy 2024 to all in any case:)

  9. There is a workaround for this, to be used at your own risk.
    Create a new registry DWORD 32-bit value.
    Name the DWORD value UndockingDisabled and set its value to 1.
    Reboot and you should now be able to drag and drop.

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