Changing the default browser in Windows 11 is a mess, and third-party developers are not happy

In one of the articles on Winaero, we covered a topic that will bother millions of people once Windows 11 ships to the public somewhere later this year: "How to change the default browser in Windows 11." Windows 10 is known for some shady practices of resetting default apps and forcing users to switch to Microsoft Edge. In Windows 11, Microsoft takes that annoyances to an almost absolute limit by removing a simple way to change the default browser. Of course, not everyone is happy with that change.

Microsoft revealed redesigned Paint coming soon to Windows Insiders

We already know that Microsoft plans to redesign many of the Windows 11 stock apps. One of the apps to receive modern UI and refreshed looks is the classic Paint. Microsoft has already teased the app in several stock apps, and now Panos Panay himself published a video with the redesigned Paint for Windows 11.

How to open Services in Windows 11

There are multiple ways to open Services in Windows 11. Most of them are reviewed in this article. Usually, regular Windows 11 users do not need open Services and mess around with different running processes. Still, sometimes you might want to start or disable services in Windows 11. For example, to troubleshoot a bug or prevent an app from running on boot.

Intel released new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers with Windows 11 support

Although Windows 11 is still a few months from public release, many developers have already released their drivers with optimizations for the new operating system. Last month, both NVIDIA and Intel released GPU drivers with Windows 11 support, and now Intel is back with another Windows 11-optimized driver. This time, for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132 (Dev & Beta)

One more update to Windows 11 is out. Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview build 22000.132 (KB5005190) for Windows Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels. It is important to note that the OS will continue to improve in the coming months. So now you can try many, but not yet all of the new features that were annunced during the announcement of Windows 11. In particular, the ability to run Android applications is still not available.

How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11 (RDP)

There are several ways to enable Remote Desktop in Windows 11. In this post, we will review them. Like many older Windows versions, Windows 11 has built-in support for remote connections that allows you to control a computer from another device using an RDP (remote desktop protocol) client software. Windows 11 keeps remote access disabled by default, which means you need to change a few settings in Windows before attempting to access a computer from another device. This article will show you how to turn on Remote Desktop in Windows 11.