Commercial versions of Windows 11 will have Dark Mode on by default

Later this year, Microsoft plans to ship Windows 11, its latest operating system, to existing compatible machines. Although we do not know the exact launch day and the compatibility question remains open, there is some interesting information about upcoming changes in Windows 11. According to the Software giant, commercial versions of Windows 11 will ship with dark mode on by default.

Find App DPI Awareness in Windows 11

Here's a fast and effective method to find App DPI Awareness in Windows 11. If you have a PC with a monitor resolution higher than FullHD (1080p), you probably have already encountered a blurry app with poor scaling, blurry fonts, and other weird-looking parts of the UI. That is a DPI-unaware app that cannot adapt to monitors with higher resolutions and scaling.

How to Open Windows Terminal as Administrator in Windows 11 (Elevated)

In this post, we will review different methods you can use to open Windows Terminal as Administrator in Windows 11. Opening Elevated Windows Terminal will allow you to preform maintenance and administrative tasks which are not accessible from a regular app instance with default permissions.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.71 with a few visual refinements

A new release of Windows 11 Insider Preview is available to Insiders on the Dev Channel. It comes with a new entertainment widget, which has become available a few days earlier. Besides the new widget, there is a new look of context menus and taskbar preview thumbnails. Besides the visual updates, Build 22000.71 comes with a bunch of fixes.

Windows 11 Open File Explorer to This PC, OneDrive or Downloads

This post will show you how in Windows 11 open File Explorer to This PC, OneDrive or Downloads. There is a dedicated setting in folder options to set This PC as the startup location. However, the ability to make the Downloads folder the default location is a secret hidden feature.