Windows 11 Change Start Menu Color

Here are the methods you can use to change the Start menu color in Windows 11. Although Microsoft significantly redesigned the taskbar and Start menu in Windows 11, it left many personalization options to customize your experience and personalize Windows. One of those options is the ability to change the Start menu color that also changes the taskbar color.

How to check whether a PC you want to buy is Windows 11-compatible?

New computers with Windows 11 out of the box are coming soon this fall once Microsoft releases the new operating system to manufacturers. Still, many people need a tablet, laptop, or desktop right now, and they want to make sure the computer will get Windows 11. If you are looking for a Windows PC and wonder whether a particular model will get a free upgrade to Windows 10, this article is here to help you.

Windows Update now shows whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced some changes in Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements. The company added several older CPUs to the list of supported processors and released an updated PC Health Checkup tool to test Windows 11 compatibility with better explanations of test results. It appears that the PC Health Checkup tool is not the only way to ensure your laptop, tablet, or desktop PC can or cannot run Windows 11. Microsoft will soon add a compatibility notification directly to Windows Update.

Microsoft now lets you install Windows 11 on any Windows 10-compatible PC

Alongside a new preview build of Windows 11, Microsoft announced a significant update to Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements. The company has been blocking old Windows 10 PCs from downloading preview Windows 11 builds, allowing the new system to run only on devices with Intel 8th / AMD Ryzen 2nd gen CPUs and up. Following users' discontent with hardware requirements and evaluating data from early testers, Microsoft decided to backtrack some of the compatibility rules. Now, any Windows 10-compatible PC can run Windows 11 without significant limitations.

ASUS BIOS updates add Windows 11 support to officially unsupported hardware

Microsoft is yet to announce the official release date for Windows 11, but developers are already shipping public versions of their apps and drivers with Windows 11 support. IntelNVIDIA, and AMD have already released Windows 11-optimized GPU drivers (Intel has also shipped Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers), and now motherboard manufacturers ship new "Windows 11-ready" firmware.

Windows 11 Enable Compact View in File Explorer

You may be wondering how to enable Compact View in File Explorer in Windows 11? Let's review a couple of methods to activate it. Windows 11 comes with a brand-new File Explorer that offers more modern looks and better controls for all types of computers. To make using Windows 11 on touch-based devices more convenient, Microsoft increased spacing between elements in File Explorer.