Xbox One now supports Bioshock series through backward compatibility

BioShock: The Collection has been recently released for Xbox One, featuring three games remastered for the current console generation. However, it's a separate bundle that Xbox One users needed to purchase again even if they had all three games for Xbox 360. But now finally, Microsoft has added backward compatibility support for the original 360 games.

Microsoft to shut down PhotoSynth service on February 6, 2017, download your creations now

Some time ago, Microsoft announced that its service for creating 360° panoramas, called Photosynth will shut down in 2017. Keeping this in mind, if you have used this service or any of its apps to create something, you probably want to download your synths to keep them after the service is gone. Microsoft has published instructions to do so about a month ago, but now the company has released a separate app to view them offline.

AliExpress UWP app is now available in the Windows Store

AliExpress is one of the most popular online markets with more than 100 million items available for purchase. With the rise in its popularity, the company behind it, Alibaba Group, had created an official app for Android and iOS long ago. The main purpose of the app was to keep customers updated about new deals, send order status updates and offer mobile-exclusive price cuts. There wasn't an official app for AliExpress for Windows until now but yesterday, the first version of a Universal Windows Platform app was released for Windows 10. But there's a catch.

OneDrive for Mac is updated with new UI features and more

Earlier this week, Microsoft started rolling out an update for its OneDrive client for Mac. This update is bringing some under-the-hood changes but also includes a new UI flyout, similar to the one Microsoft is testing with Windows 10 users right now. The new flyout shows all of your recent OneDrive activity in one place and also allows you to quickly jump to Sync settings or open the main folder. There are also some improvements to the overall sync speed but developers aren't saying much. They are only stating that OneDrive is now "faster than ever before".

Visual Studio 2017 RC receives a bug fixing update

The first Release Candidate build of Visual Studio 2017, the next version has become available for everyone to try a few weeks ago, during Microsoft's Connect(); 2016 event for developers. Since then developers have sent enough feedback to Microsoft for releasing an update including fixes for most popular and annoying issues and improving how some of the new features work.

Latest OneDrive update brings new features to iOS client

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for OneDrive for iOS during the last weekend, including a few new features for its users to enjoy. The said update brings new 'instant previewers' for Microsoft Office files including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and integrates the famous Office Lens app into the client itself.

How to create small sized PNGs with GIMP

GIMP is a popular open source freeware image editor. It is available for all major Desktop platforms including Windows and Linux. If you are using GIMP to edit and save your PNG images, you might find it useful to optimize them before saving them so that the final size becomes really small.

VLC now supports 360° video playback on Windows and Mac

One of the most popular, open source video players, VLC is getting 360° video support in its latest preview versions for Mac and Windows. The feature will be available to all users in the final version that will be released by the end of the month, but you can try it right now with preview builds of VLC.

NVIDIA GeForce 375.70 comes with support for Titanfall 2 and more recent games

NVIDIA has released a 375.70 update for its GeForce software experience, introducing full support for the recently released game Titanfall 2 and fixing some performance issues on Windows 10 with existing games. The 375.70 update should improve stability and performance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and also Dishonored 2 which is not yet released and will be available on November 11.

Prepare to try Winamp 5.8 Beta soon

Winamp is definitely one of the best media players available for Microsoft Windows. It has a long history, impressive popularity and still has plenty of users around the world. Unfortunately, the project started to lose its popularity due to AOL and their management policies. Winamp got a paid pro version, and there was no UI improvement for many years. After 2013, it was discontinued. However, there is new hope shining on the horizon.

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