Microsoft To Remove Adobe Flash from IE11 and Edge by December 2020

As you may remember, in 2017 Microsoft had announced that they will discontinue the Adobe Flash plugin and remove it from their browsers, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. As of now, Microsoft has deprecated both the classic Edge app and Internet Explorer, and is actively working on the Chromium-based Edge version. The company has shared a few more details on what will happen in December 2020.

Microsoft Launches a New Page for all Insider Programs

Microsoft's Insider Program became popular with its launch for Windows 10. It allows any user to become a tester of pre-release Windows 10 versions for free at any moment of time, or opt out of the program when needed. Microsoft finds the program effective, so the same test access options are available for number of other products of the company.

Windows Calculator has been ported to Android, iOS and the Web

As you may remember, Microsoft recently open-sourced the modern Windows Calculator app. Since then, Windows Calculator source code is on GitHub under the MIT license. A few days ago, it was ported to C# and now can be launched on iOS and Android, and also on the Web with the help of WebAssembly.

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