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Windows 11 will soon let you manage subscriptions from the Settings app

In October 2021, Microsoft released a preview build of Windows 11 with one notable change: a new section in the Settings app where users can view and manage subscriptions, such as Microsoft 365, Xbox Game Pass, and others. Several months since the initial announcement and slow rollout to subsets of Windows Insiders, Microsoft is ready to ship the new section to all Windows 11 users. Continue reading

Firefox is ditching the file download prompt

Mozilla Foundations plans to change how the Firefox browser handles downloads. The current stable version of Firefox displays a download prompt when the user attempts to download a file. The prompt lets you open the file in a specific app or save it to the default directory. Future Firefox updates will ditch this long-standing technique in favor of the idea found in Chrome, Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers. Continue reading

Google restored the option to remove default search engines

Google recently released an updated Chrome browser with one questionable change in settings. Users no longer can remove default (preinstalled) search engines, such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, and others. More importantly, the change is universal to all Chromium-based browsers, which means Edge, Opera, and other similar browsers received the same "upgrade." Continue reading

Skype TwinCam allows connecting two cameras during video calls

In September 2021, Microsoft made a surprising announcement about upcoming feature and design upgrades for Skype. Despite continuous efforts to make every Windows user switch to Teams, Microsoft does not plan to ditch Skype any time soon. Moreover, the company keeps supporting the services with fresh features and capabilities. The latest Skype Insider preview brings an option that allows connecting a second camera to your feed during a video call. Continue reading