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Windows Terminal Acrylic Tab Row Icon

Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 comes with acrylic title bar and other cool features

Microsoft today released two new Windows Terminal versions. The stable channel has received version 1.10, which has got all the changed announced earlier. Today's preview release, version 1.11, comes with a galore of exciting changes, including the ability to minimize it to the system tray, open new tab to the desired folder by simply dragging it onto the terminal window. There are also eye-candy changes like the acrylic effect applied to the title bar. Continue reading

How to Disable Quake Mode in Windows Terminal on Windows 10

Here's how you can disable Quake Mode in Windows Terminal and release its keyboard shortcut, Win + `. Starting in version 1.9, the app includes Quake Mode on Windows 10. By disabling this feature you release the Win + ` hotkey and can use it in other apps, and can be sure that you won't open Windows Terminal accidentally. Continue reading

How to Change Quake Mode Keyboard Shortcut in Windows Terminal

Today we will see how to change Quake Mode Keyboard Shortcut in Windows Terminal. Starting in version 1.9, the app includes Quake Mode on Windows 10. This feature replicates the console behavior of the infamous Quake first-person shooter game, which appears as a drop-down from the top edge of the screen, but has no option to change its keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Continue reading

Windows Terminal 1.9 preview released with Quake Mode, stable version 1.8 is also available

Here are great news from the Windows Terminal camp. Microsoft released two versions of its modern Terminal app. Version 1.8 is available in the stable branch with general improvements and fixes. Windows Terminal Preview hits version 1.9, which now comes with a brand new feature - Quake Mode. Continue reading