Microsoft released Windows Terminal 1.5.10411 and 1.6.1012 Preview

Windows Terminal developers finish this week with two fresh releases. The one in the Stable channel received version 1.5.10411, and the Preview release is version 1.6.10412. Here what is new in these updates.

Windows Terminal Tabs And Panes

Both stable and preview versions include two significant changes.


The key changes

First, Windows Terminal got the updated Cascadia Code font version 2102.03. There are 23 bug fixes, new glyphs support, control pictures, infinite arrows, and other changes. You can check out the lengthy change log of Cascadia Code v2102.03 on the GitHub releases page.

Second, starting with this update, Windows Terminal will automatically create a new settings.json file if you happen to delete the existing one.

Also, both stable and preview versions now correctly update the window title bar when the app changes titles and tabs.

Here is the rest of the changelog shared by the stable and preview version of Windows Terminal.

  • The "Open Windows Terminal Here" shell extension will no longer throw a cryptic error about servers.
  • The terminal should no longer crash when a user closes a tab while it is printing text.
  • schemes:[] or schemes:[{}] should no longer cause a crash on launch.
  • The developers had to disable the "Close..." submenu because of a platform issue that resulted in a crash.

Windows Terminal Preview-specific changes

If you are using Windows Terminal Preview, there are changes and bug fixes exclusive to this version. They are currently not available in the stable version.

Changes to the Settings UI

  • Windows Terminal now does not delete disabledProfileSources from the settings.
  • The "Launch Mode" and "Tab Switcher Mode" switch now work correctly on the settings page.
  • Renaming a color scheme in use by the base layer will no longer corrupt all your other color schemes

Bug fixes

  • Pixel shaders that rely on the time input will now work correctly and update at glorious 60 FPS.
  • Right-clicking in the tab renamer should no longer cause it to stop renaming.
  • Right-clicking in the command palette should also no longer cause it to stop commanding (or paletting).
  • The app now better tracks the hidden/shown state of the cursor.
  • Windows Terminal now removes hyperlinks underlining when the window is out of focus.
  • The developers also fixed an issue with mis-parsed OSC 9;9 directories wrapped in double-quotes.
  • You should now be able to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the command palette, even if they are bound in your terminal.

Reliability and Performance improvements

  • The app no longer crashes or displays random errors about a blank pixel shader path.
  • The developers fixed the bug that causes the app to crash when you right-click and close a tab containing multiple splits.

👉If you are not familiar with Windows Terminal, it is a modern console tool for command-line users that changes the way you work with the command prompt, PowerShell and WSL in Windows 10. It leverages your user experience with tabs, shell profiles, hotkeys, and incredible looking user interface. It has a GPU accelerated DirectWrite/DirectX-based text rendering engine that makes really beatiful.

Windows Terminal is fully open-sourced. Thanks to its tabbed UI, it allows organizing instances of Command PromptPowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux together in a single app.


Download Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a Microsoft Store app, so you can get it either from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page.

Similar to the Stable version, the app preview version is also available for download on the Microsoft Store and on the GitHub releases page.

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Author: Taras Buria

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