Microsoft reportedly delayed Windows 10X again, considers canceling it

Windows 10X, the upcoming lightweight operating system version, is delayed again. Microsoft was about to shift it release date to the second half of 2021 from the initially planned first half of 2021. Now, the Redmond firm is not going to release it in 2021, and also considering to kill the project.

“The New Windows” can be the marketing name for Windows 10X

Windows 10X is Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS. It supposed to be a lightweight, minimalist edition of Windows. It does not have everything that the full-featured Windows 10 has. It started as an operating system for dual screen portable Windows devices, but eventually got support for lower-end single screen devices. Microsoft may be planning to use the “The New Windows” slogan as a marketing name for this OS.

A Camera Privacy Indicator is spotted in Windows 10X

You have probably noticed that sometimes additional icons appear in the notification area in the Windows 10 taskbar. When an app accesses your location or uses a microphone, the OS alerts users with the respective icons. When you hover over them with your mouse cursor, the system shows which app currently uses your microphone or location. For some reason, there is no such icon for a camera, but Microsoft may soon introduce the missing puzzle piece.

You can now create a custom Windows 10X image for your PC

A Twitter user @thebookisclosed today released a handy tool that allows you to create a custom Windows 10X image specifically optimized for your PC in a few clicks. It will try to copy all the installed drivers and generate a ready to use FFU package,  so you can later use it to install Windows 10X on your device. 

Enable Windows 10X Boot Logo Animation in Windows 10

You can now enable the Windows 10X boot logo animation in Windows 10, in regular desktop versions. The boot animation in Windows 10X looks different from what we have these days in desktop OS editions. It features a WinUI 3 spinning circle instead of Win8-like style circles.

Windows 10X: new Start, Boot Logo, Sounds, OOBE, Anti-theft Protection

A leak of a Windows 10X build reveals new interface improvements made by Microsoft in Windows 10X. As we know now, Windows 10X will only be available on new devices. However, Microsoft hosts its files on their servers. So that made it possible for us all to see what is coming.

Windows 10 is getting a restyled Action Center from Windows 10X

Microsoft is planning a major UI overhaul in the second half of 2021 known as the Sun Valley Project. For insiders, Windows 10 already shows the new appearance of controls and built-in apps on the desktop. Another change has affected pre-builds - the new design of the Action Center.

Windows 10X won’t have Mail & Calendar preinstalled, and its release might be delayed

Microsoft is about to not ship the Mail & Calendar app with Windows 10X. The sources close to Microsoft confirm that the company is about to replace with a new "universal" app, known as Project Monarch and One Outlook.

What’s coming to Windows 10 in 2021

2021 will be an exciting year for Windows 10. It will receive major updates, along with Windows 10X coming to laptops, although it is not clear what extra features Windows 10X will bring to laptops. Also, Microsoft's Cloud PC service is expected to enable app streaming to consumer devices from the cloud.

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