Card UI coming to Action Center and Cortana in Windows 10 Redstone

As you may already know, Microsoft is working to make Action Center in Windows 10 more useful. Windows 10 Redstone, the upcoming major update to the operating system, will bring notable changes to many parts of the OS and its features. Some of the changes anticipated in Redstone wave 2 might actually end up shipping in Redstone wave 1 although nothing is officially announced yet. It has come to our knowledge that Microsoft is working on bringing a Card UI to Action Center and Cortana.

Windows 10 Redstone will get version 1607 and is expected in July

Today, the version number for the first wave of the Redstone update was revealed. The first Redstone release will get the following version:

Windows 10 version 1607.

Let's review what we know about this update.

Windows 10 Redstone is getting an improved Windows Update

New information has appeared on the internet related to the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone update. In internal builds of Windows 10, which are not available for the public yet, an updated Windows Update user interface and options have been spotted. Let's see exactly what changes Microsoft is working on.

Windows 10 Redstone will allow Cortana to show notifications across paired devices

Yesterday, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14295 for the Redstone branch. The official announcement contains only a few bug fixes and known issues, however, this build seems to have some new features under the hood. Cortana, for example, has got a new ability which can be interesting for users.

Windows 10 Redstone: Edge download notifications now visible in Action Center

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new build for Insiders. Windows 10 build 12495, which is a part of the Redstone update, comes with an interesting change - every time you download a file using the Edge browser, it notifies you about the download status using Action Center.

Windows 10 Redstone will get an updated File Explorer

File Explorer, formerly known as Windows Explorer in earlier Windows versions, is the default file management application in Windows for a long time. It has evolved a lot over time to acquire many different features for file management. Windows 10 ships with mostly the same version of Explorer as Windows 8 except for a few changes like Quick Access replacing Favorites. Now, new information has been revealed on Twitter from a Microsoft employee's account which indicates that with the upcoming Redstone update, Microsoft is going to revamp this app to make it a Universal Windows Platform (UWP)/Metro app.

Windows 10 Redstone will not include the old tray calendar

If you prefer the Windows 7-like tray calendar which appears when you click the date at the end of the taskbar, you probably already know that it was possible to get it back in Windows 10. There was a simple Registry tweak which allowed you to disable the modern Date pane of Windows 10 and restore the good old tray calendar with the analog clock. Microsoft has decided to remove this ability.

Windows 10 Redstone will feature intelligent search in Photos app

Windows 10 ships with a Photos app which replaced the Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery. Photos offers very basic functionality to view images from the user's local drive or from the OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft is finally going to make a small amount of features which their earlier apps had. More features will land in the Photos app with the Redstone update.

How to perform an offline scan with Windows Defender

Windows 10 Redstone 1 update features offline scanning with Windows Defender. While the feature itself is not new for those who are familiar with Defender and use it, it has now become part of Windows for the first time.

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