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Microsoft will end Windows 10 support in 2025

Microsoft's official Windows 10 support documentation has just added more fuel to the fire of rumors that quickly spreads around the upcoming big Windows announcement. On June 24, 2021, Microsoft plans to unveil "the next generation" of Windows, and many think it will be Windows 11. Although back in Windows 10's infancy, Microsoft made a bold statement claiming Windows 10 to be "the last Windows version," many rumors point to the fact the company wants to supersede Windows 10 with a new version. The updated Windows 10 support documentation backs those claims. Continue reading

Perhaps this is how the Settings app will look in Sun Valley

Sun Valley is the name for the upcoming major user interface redesign of Windows 10. We know about it not that much at this moment of writing. We have already seen new icons, some rounder corners of Windows and a bit refined look of controls in built-in apps. We also expect some parts of now-cancelled Windows 10X to be included in the upcoming release. A new leak reveals how the Settings app will look in Windows 10 "Sun Valley".

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Build 2021: Satya Nadella teases major Windows redesign

Microsoft has been largely silent about its plans for Windows this year, although some information is still leaking online. For example, we've known for quite some time that Microsoft is working on a major update to the Windows user interface, codenamed Sun Valley. For its announcement, the company is preparing a special event, which should take place in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Microsoft prepares brand new Start menu for Windows 10

Start Menu is probably the most iconic part of Windows. Users love Start Menu, and they are the most sensitive to changes in this UI element. With Windows 8, Microsoft made a bold move to modernize Start Menu and adapt it to new device form-factors. Unfortunately, this change found no favor in the eyes of users. After severe backlash, Microsoft backtracked and brought back the classic Start Menu with Windows 10. After six years after the release, the company prepares another Start Menu redesign for Windows 10. Continue reading

Here is how Windows 10 Sun Valley context menus look like

A few months ago, Microsoft began working on a project, codenamed Sun Valley, which aims to bring a new appearance to Windows 10 and add a number of new features. To name a few, rounded corners are coming for buttons, windows, and other controls, including the Start menu, Action Center and built-in apps. We can now check out how Sun Valley context menus look like. Continue reading