Tip: Use keyword shortcuts and tags for bookmarks in Firefox

I was a former user of the classic Opera 12 browser which got discontinued by its developers in favor of the Chromium-based version. In Opera, I used keywords heavily for my bookmarks. Adding keywords for bookmarks means adding a few short-lettered aliases so that typing them in the address bar directly opens that particular bookmarked page. My current browser of choice, Mozilla Firefox, comes with a similar feature. Let's see how it works.

Disable add-on signing requirement in Mozilla Firefox

If you use the Nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox or read Winaero regularly, you might be knowing that Mozilla has introduced add-on signature verification in Firefox Nightly v40. Firefox 40 will reach the stable channel very soon, so you might be interested in disabling this add-ons signing requirement.

How to disable suggested tiles in Firefox

Mozilla has announced a new kind of ads for the Firefox browser. This new feature is called "Suggested Tiles" and will show you special tiles of recommended sites based on your activity (browsing history) and interests. Mozilla claims that the feature will be rolled out to Firefox Beta 39. If you are not happy to see such tiles in your Firefox browser, it is possible to get rid of them. In this article we will see how to disable suggested tiles in Firefox.

Disable Pocket integration in Firefox

If you use the beta or Nightly version of Mozilla Firefox, you might have noticed that it now comes with an integrated service called Pocket. Pocket is a third party service which allows you to send the opened page to your Pocket account and read it later from another device such as a tablet or another PC. If you are not happy to see a third party service integrated in your Firefox, here is how to disable the Pocket integration.

Firefox 40 features a new add-on manager with signature verification

Firefox 40, which is available for Nightly users only as of now, comes with an updated add-ons manager with a refreshed UI and add-on signature checking. Let's explore what this feature does.

Firefox 40 got a new Performance Monitor feature

If you use the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, here is good news for you: there is a new feature in the browser, Performance Monitor. It has appeared in Firefox 40, which is in the Nightly state as of this writing. Let's learn more about this new feature.

Restore old Preferences dialog in Firefox 38

With version 38, Mozilla is going enable a new Preferences feature by default. These new Preferences will be shown inside a tab, like a regular web page. Users who are not happy with the new appearance of Preferences in Firefox 38 can follow this tutorial to disable it and restore the old Preferences dialog.

The full list of Firefox about: commands

In our articles, we often mention the about:config command which can be entered in the address bar. That command opens the built-in configuration editor of the Firefox browser and allows performing extreme fine-tuning of the browser. It contains lots of options which are not accessible from the browser's settings interface. Many Firefox users are not even aware that about:config is not the only about: command available in the browser. Firefox comes with a huge set of useful about commands which I would like to share with you today.

Add private tabs instead of private windows in Firefox

The classic Opera browser had a very useful feature - private tabs. Unlike all modern mainstream browsers, it allowed you to mix private and regular tabs in the single window. Firefox users can get the same feature and use private tabs instead of private windows. Follow the instructions below to learn how it can be done.

Run different Firefox versions simultaneously

The popular Firefox browser is available in many different editions. Every edition has its own release channel and has different features, stability, target audience and OS and add-on compatibility. While it is possible to install different Firefox versions in one OS, they all try to use the default browser profile, as a result of which they can't run simultaneously. This lead to crashes, profile corruption and inconveniences.
In this article, we will see which versions of Firefox are available and how to run them simultaneously.

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