Add private tabs instead of private windows in Firefox

The classic Opera browser had a very useful feature - private tabs. Unlike all modern mainstream browsers, it allowed you to mix private and regular tabs in the single window. Firefox users can get the same feature and use private tabs instead of private windows. Follow the instructions below to learn how it can be done.

Unfortunately, Firefox do not come with native support for private tabs. There is an extension called "PrivateTab" which provides such functionality. Here is how to install it.

  1. Open your Firefox browser and enter the following url: PrivateTab
  2. Alternatively, you can install it from Add-ons Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + A shortcut keys on the keyboard and type PrivateTab in the search box as shown below:firefox privatetab addons manager
  3. Install the extension. It will start working instantly.

You are done. Now you will have private tabs instead of private windows in Firefox.
Firefox without PrivateTab extension:firefox without private tabFirefox with PrivateTab extension:

firefox with privatetab extensionThat's it.


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