Windows 10 features an updated Alt+Tab dialog

Have you noticed that in Windows 10 the Alt + Tab dialog is updated and has become far more visually richer? Now it respects the actual window proportions for showing thumbnails when you switch between windows. The opened windows are scaled depending on how many windows you have open. It is an improvement in my opinion over the Alt + Tab dialog of Windows 8 or Windows 7.

How to show only the current desktop’s windows in Alt+Tab in Windows 10

In Windows 10 build 10036, there is a significant improvement to window management. The Task View feature which adds virtual desktops to Windows 10 got updated with new options. We reviewed how to show only the current desktop’s windows on the taskbar in Windows 10. Now let's see how to make the Alt + Tab user interface show only those windows and apps which are running on the current/active virtual desktop.

[Review] VistaSwitcher: Best Alt+Tab replacement that also works with Modern apps

In an earlier article, we saw that Windows Alt+Tab has bugs that make it not suitable for reliable switching. It also has issues like the icon and the text of the app not being placed next to each other to instantly identify the app. The thumbnail of the app is often smaller and isn't enough to identify exactly which window you are switching to, especially if there are multiple windows of the same app open. A free, third party Alt+Tab replacement, VistaSwitcher solves all these problems.

Tweak Windows Alt+Tab switcher to enlarge thumbnails and disable live aero peek preview

Windows has had Alt+Tab functionality to switch between running programs using the keyboard since Windows 3.0. This Alt+Tab Task Switcher remained mostly the same from Windows 95 to Windows XP but changed in Windows Vista to incorporate a glass background and thumbnails. While some users prefer the new Alt-Tab switcher, many others prefer a cleaner looking Alt-Tab without thumbnails and the glass background. Let's see how Alt+Tab can be tweaked.

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