Microsoft Edge Chromium Receives an Updated Password Reveal Button

Microsoft is gradually rolling out new features to Edge Insiders. One of them is a new password reveal button, which follows Microsoft's Fluent Design guidelines.

The following images demonstrate the new button in action.

Microsoft describes the change as follows:

Implement the reveal button for <input type=password>

This change implements the reveal button for <input type=password>. The button is added using same pattern as the clear/cancel button for <input type=search> except that instead of using -webkit-appearance to draw the button, we use svgs defined in controls-refresh.css.

The feature already made its appearance for a number of users of Edge Canary and Dev. It is part of Controlled Feature Roll-outs in Microsoft Edge.

The browser installs updates automatically. Also, you can manually check for updates by visiting the menu Help > About Microsoft Edge. Finally, you can grab the Edge installer from the following page:

Download Microsoft Edge Preview

At the moment of this writing, the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium versions are as follows.

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Thanks to Leo.

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