Microsoft Edge Chromium Warns When Running as Administrator

As of now, Microsoft is releasing daily updates to the Canary Channel of their newest Chromium-based Microsoft Edge app. It has come to my knowledge that the app shows a notification when you start it as Administrator (elevated), suggesting you to close the browser.

Unfortunately, there is no change log available for the Canary Channel of the browser. At the time of this writing, I have Microsoft Edge version installed on my computer.

As you may already know, Microsoft Edge, the default web browser of Windows 10, is moving to a Chromium-compatible web engine in the Desktop version. Microsoft explains that the intention behind this move is to create better web compatibility for customers and less fragmentation for web developers. Microsoft has already made a number of contributions to the Chromium project, helping to port the project to Windows on ARM. The company promises to contribute more to the Chromium project.

Microsoft Edge Download Page

The official preview builds of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser are available for Windows 10 only. The 'Beta' Channel build is missing as of now, but its badge hints that it is coming soon.

Microsoft has made a number of changes to the Chromium options by disabling and removing its certain services and features, including the search engine which is set to Bing by default.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Warns When Running as Administrator

Edge As Administrator Warning

If you start Microsoft as Administrator, a warning will be displayed with the following text:

Administrator Mode Detected
Close Microsoft Edge and relaunch in non-administrator mode for best performance

The Close Microsoft Edge button can be used to instantly close the browser. Clicking on the tiny close (x) button on the right will dismiss the warning and will allow using Edge elevated.

Running Edge elevated is a bad idea. It creates extra security risk by allowing the browser to access system protected areas and files.

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