Windows 10 hacked at Tianfu Cup Hackathon in China along with Ubuntu and Chrome

Participants in the Tianfu Cup 2020 managed to successfully hack several popular software, including Windows 10, Ubuntu, and the Chrome browser. The winner received $744,500 for taking the first place.

Tiafu Cup Windows 10 Hacked

Tianfu Cup is the largest and most prestigious hacking contest in China. This year’s contest was with 15 participating teams.

Held in the city of Chengdu, in central China, the third edition of the Tianfu Cup ended earlier today.

The entire prize pool awarded this year is $1,210,000.

The winner list looks as follows.

  • First place - 360 Enterprise Security and Government and (ESG) Vulnerability Research Institute (Qihoo 360), the prize is $744,500, for its exploits.
  • Second place - Ant-financial Light-year Security Lab, $258,000
  • Third place - Pang, the security researcher, $99,500

Successful exploits were confirmed for the following software:

The participants had three attempts, five minutes each, to hack their chosen target using the original exploit. For each successful attack, the researchers received a monetary reward that varied depending on their chosen target and type of vulnerability.

Reportedly, the relevant software vendors have already been informed of the discovered vulnerabilities, so their users will receive fixes soon. Patches for all bugs identified over the weekend will be provided in the coming days and weeks, as is usually the case after each TianfuCup and Pwn2Own competition.


1 thought on “Windows 10 hacked at Tianfu Cup Hackathon in China along with Ubuntu and Chrome

  1. Zelanium

    It’s always a bit worrying when you read that your OS can be hacked, but we’re on a good way as far as cyber security is concerned. For start, this time, the election wasn’t hacked and there were zero issues. Big improvement.


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