Play DVDs for Free in Windows 10

It's no secret that Windows 10 no longer includes the ability to play DVDs video out-of-the-box. Starting in Windows 10, Microsoft excluded the MPEG-2 codec (and a number of other codecs) from Windows Media Player and other apps. These codecs have to be licensed from other parties. Removing the codecs allows the company to reduce the cost incurred for developing the operating system.

Windows DVD Player gets a major update on Windows Insider Fast Ring

When Microsoft shipped the original version of Windows 10 to the market in July 2015, there was a lot of talk about the separate Windows DVD Player app which was going to be sold in the Windows Store for $14.99. Most user reviews says the app is too basic for the amount of money they're charging and lacks many features that other DVD software includes for free. Microsoft hadn't done anything to the app lately so it was considered abandoned. However, last week Microsoft released a major update for the Windows DVD Player which includes some playback tweaks and improvements to the overall user experience.

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