Opera Developer 40.0.2301.0 features redesigned Power Saver

An update to the developer channel of the Opera browser has brought notable changes for the upcoming version. Opera developer 40.0.2301.0 comes with an improved RSS reader and also has a redesigned Power Saver feature.

Opera Developer 40.0.2296.0 adds RSS reader and Chromecast support

Good news for all Opera users. An update to the developer channel has brought significant changes for the upcoming version of the browser. Opera developer 40.0.2296.0 comes with a built-in RSS reader and also has Chromecast support.

How to disable Search popup in Opera 40

With Opera 40, a new search popup feature was added to the browser. When you select text on a page, it shows a special popup with Search and Copy functions. While certain users might find it useful, some users might want to disable it. In this article, we will see how to turn off the Search popup feature in Opera 40.