Microsoft removes Paint 3D integration from classic MS Paint

A couple of days ago, Microsoft finally published the classic Paint app in the Microsoft Store, fulfilling its old promise. The program made it to the Store without significant changes or new features except for a new icon. Interestingly, the classic Paint from the Microsoft Store has one more change that slipped under the radar. Users noticed that the new version no longer offers the Edit in Paint 3D button.

Remove the Product Alert Button from Microsoft Paint

In Windows 10, Microsoft recently made a change to Microsoft Paint. In addition to the extra button "Edit with Paint 3D", the app shows a new Product Alert button. When you click it, it shows a hint that the days of the Paint app is over. It will be moved to the Store soon, leaving Paint 3D as the only built-in Paint version for Windows 10. The majority of Paint users are not happy with this change.

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