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Cinnamon 2.8 features an improved sound volume control

Cinnamon is the most innovative and flagship Desktop Environment shipped with Linux Mint by default. It is based on Gnome 3 and provides a feature rich, beautiful experience to the end user. Cinnamon is actively developed. The upcoming version will include an improved sound volume control applet for the taskbar.
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How to install MATE in Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition

As you might be knowing, Linux Mint features two desktop environments which are in development by the Mint team. One of them is Cinnamon which comes with rich graphical effects and a very nice look, and the other one is MATE, the fork of the good old Gnome 2, which is simple, fast and requires no introduction to those familiar with Linux environments. Once you install Linux Mint with Cinnamon, you might be interested in installing MATE alongside Cinnamon. Here is how to do that.
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