Cinnamon 3.0 is out with panel app actions

A new version of Linux Mint's flagship Desktop Environment "Cinnamon" is out. Cinnamon 3.0 features a number of interesting changes you might like. For example, the panel now includes application actions, which makes it similar to Windows 7's taskbar. Let's see what else is new in Cinnamon 3.0.
Cinnamon 3.0
Cinnamon 3.0 features improved panel launchers. Now, the applications added to the panel can have additional actions for their launcher buttons. This is similar to jumplists in Windows. Here is how it looks for Firefox:Cinnamon 3.0 panel actions

Other changes include:

  • Window management improvements on tiling, mapping and unmapping windows, compositor’s window groups and tracking of full screen windows.
  • Improved out-of-the-box touchpad support (edge-scrolling and two-finger-scrolling can now be configured independently and are both enabled by default).
  • New accessibility and sound settings (both rewritten as native cinnamon-settings modules).Cinnamon 3.0 sounds settings2 Cinnamon 3.0 sounds settingsCinnamon 3.0 accessibility
  • Battery powered devices can be renamed.Capture-du-2016-04-11-16-25-36
  • Different favorite applications can now be set for plain-text, documents and source code files.
  • Panel launchers now include application actions.
  • Animation effects are now enabled by default on dialogs and menus.
  • Favorites and system options can now be disabled in the menu applet.Cinnamon 3.0 menu applet options Cinnamon 3.0 menu
  • The photo-frame desklet now also scans subdirectories.
  • Improved support for GTK 3.20, Spotify 0.27, Viber.

Cinnamon 3.0 settingsIn the screenshots above, you see Cinnamon 3.0 with the Adapta theme and Mint-Y icons. This is the icon set which will be used by default in Linux Mint 18. Along with new Mint-Y theme, it will become a fresh appearance in Linux Mint 18. See this article to know how Linux Mint 18 will look (icons and themes).

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