Microsoft Edge Chromium Includes YouTube Video Info in Volume Control OSD

As you may remember, Chrome includes a feature that allows using media keys on the keyboard to control the media content playback in the browser. When enabled, it allows using the Volume Up, Volume Down, or Mute media keys, you will see a special toast notification with buttons that you can use to control media playback. With a commit from a Microsoft developer, the notification now includes details about the YouTube video played in the browser.


The following screenshot demonstrates the media notification toast in Google Chrome:

Chrome Media Notification Playback Handling

In the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium, version Canary, YouTube video information is now included in the volume toast notification on Windows 10. The overlay window shows the thumbnail, video name, and channel name for the video that is currently playing in Edge.

Youtube Video Overlay Shows Info Edge

According to the source, this feature is available starting in Edge Dev It is the result of collaborative work of Microsoft and Google engineers. So it should reach the production branch of Google Chrome sooner or later. As of now, it is already available in Chromium/Google Chrome Canary.

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1 thought on “Microsoft Edge Chromium Includes YouTube Video Info in Volume Control OSD

  1. Kay

    If you want to disable the Media OSD overlay, and just have Volume, set ‘Media Session Service’ flag to disabled.


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