How to make Windows 10 forget a WiFi network

Once you have connected to some wireless network in Windows 10, the operating system will remember this network and will try to re-connect to it once it is in range. If you have a reason to no longer connect that network, you can make Windows 10 forget that network. Here is how.

To make Windows 10 forget some previously connected wireless network, you must delete the profile which the OS creates and stores for the network. This can be done using the new Settings app which comes bundled with the operating system and replaces the classic Control Panel.

Do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Network & Internet -> Wifiwindows 10 forget wifi network 01
  3. There, you will find a link "Manage Wi-Fi settings" on the right. Click 10 forget wifi network 02windows 10 forget wifi network 03
  4. Under "Manage known networks", click the stored network name. You will see the Forget button. Click it to make Windows 10 forget this 10 forget wifi network 04

That's it. Users who upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 will appreciate this way of managing Wi-Fi networks, since Windows 8 only had a command line method to do the same, which was not at all intuitive or time-saving. (via 7tutorials).


7 thoughts on “How to make Windows 10 forget a WiFi network

  1. Phil

    How do i disable windows defender turn on protection automatically?

      1. Phil

        sorry i forgot

  2. keftui

    Thanks, this was useful. :)

  3. Matheus Costa

    They make things every time more complicated to a regular user….

  4. Anon

    I have no “Forget”-button.

  5. Adrián

    Quiero saber todas las funciones que tiene internet y red
    Que se encuentra en configuración Windows


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