Forget a Wi-Fi network profile in Windows 10

Almost every PC or device running Windows today has wireless (Wi-Fi) capability. In Windows, when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, a profile gets created and saved on the PC. If you've connected to a number of wireless networks, Windows 10 will store their parameters. These known networks can have their passwords remembered. But if you are never going to connect to a particular Wi-Fi network again, you can remove its wireless network profile. This makes Windows 10 forget the saved settings of Wi-Fi network.

How to make Windows 10 forget a WiFi network

Once you have connected to some wireless network in Windows 10, the operating system will remember this network and will try to re-connect to it once it is in range. If you have a reason to no longer connect that network, you can make Windows 10 forget that network. Here is how.

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