Microsoft confirmed issues with repairing and updating apps in Windows 11 and 10

On November 9, 2021, Microsoft released cumulative updates for supported Windows 10 and 11 versions. The update fixed numerous issues, although some new bugs appeared out of nowhere. Microsoft has yet again updated the Windows Health Dashboard page, adding details about one more trouble users might encounter.

Cumulative updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10, November 2021

Microsoft has released a set of cumulative updates for all supported operating systems. As usual, such updates do not bring with them any new features, but are aimed at fixing known issues and eliminating vulnerabilities. Updates are already available on Windows Update.

Microsoft confirms even more printing issues in Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft has been busy fixing numerous printing issues in Windows 10 and 11, plaguing regular and business customers. While some printers manufacturers still investigate compatibility problems on Windows 11, Microsoft solved most of the known printing-related bugs in the latest cumulative updates. Unfortunately, the story about buggy printing in Windows 10 and 11 is not over, as even more issues continue showing up.

Microsoft has published details on how to migrate UWP Apps to Windows App SDK

Microsoft has published details on how developers can migrate existing UWP apps to the Windows App SDK (Project Reunion), which keeps the classic Win32 platform at the center of the corner. This can be useful if your app requires features and APIs that are not available in the UWP platform but are available in the Windows App SDK.

Microsoft is working on a new Feedback Portal for Edge, Windows, and Microsoft 365

In 2016, Microsoft introduced Feedback Hub - a dedicated place where users can publish their thoughts, complaints, and ideas about Microsoft's products. The Software giant uses data from Feedback Hub to improve the quality of Windows and other software. For example, Microsoft recently responded to a post on Feedback Hub about memory leaks in File Explorer on Windows 11. It appears that the company is now working on a new platform to gather customers' feedback.

Microsoft makes passwords optional for personal accounts

Microsoft has been pushing password-less experiences since 2015 when the company introduced Windows 10. The company offers Windows Hello as a better, more secure way to sign in into Windows, apps, and accounts. Also, Microsoft continuously tries to encourage users to opt for its Authenticator app for improved security. The main pitch is that regular passwords are insecure in the modern world and too easy to crack using various techniques. Also, many people tend to use a single password for many accounts, which further increases the risks of identity theft and data loss. Microsoft Authenticator and Windows Hello are safer, more reliable, and plain less annoying.

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