Windows 11 brings redesigned Notepad, Paint, and Office apps

Next week, Microsoft plans to ship the first preview build of Windows 11 to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel to test lots of new features and redesigns. Speaking of the redesigns, Windows 11 will bring a new taskbar, Start menu, a completely reworked Settings app and File Explorer, a fresh Microsoft Store, and new UIs for some stock apps. Big news alert: classic apps will also get some love from developers. A screenshot Microsoft shared during the developer event reveals a beautiful redesign coming soon to MS Paint, Notepad, and Office apps in Windows 11.

Windows 11 will force OEMs to equip laptops with better touchpads and webcams

After announcing Windows 11 at a special event, Microsoft is now busy publishing tons of documentation for the operating system to come this fall. Following minimum specs and the list of removed and deprecated features, Microsoft has published the list of hardware requirements for OEMs to build devices running Windows 11 out of the box.

Microsoft to remove some popular taskbar customization options in Windows 11

On June 24, 2021, Microsoft announced Windows 11 with an impressive list of new features and capabilities. With the next operating system from Microsoft comes Android apps support, an entirely redesigned UI (including a new File Explorer,) better window management, etc. The drastic changes in the UI also mean that users will have to say goodbye to some of the existing options in Windows 10.

Microsoft may allow devices without TPM 2.0 to install Windows 11, PC health check app update is on the way

Yesterday Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows - Windows 11. In addition, a new article has appeared on the Windows Insider blog that tells about the company's plans to test the latest OS. The company also introduced Windows 11 PC Health Check app, which is designed to tell you if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

Windows 11: 24 months of support and one major update per year

During the Windows 11 presentation live stream, Microsoft briefly mentioned improvements to how Windows updates work. The company wants to entice migration to Windows 11, free for existing Windows 10 users, by simplifying updates the OS will be getting. After the even, Microsoft published a more detailed document that reveals some curious changes in Windows Update mechanisms and policies.

Windows 11: first public build coming next week

Microsoft has officially announced the Windows 11 operating system, which has received a huge number of changes, including the new appearance of the system. A new blog post in the Windows Insider program says that the first build of Windows 11 will be released for testing next week. However, there have been some changes in the testing program that you need to know about.

Removed and deprecated features in Windows 11

Windows 11 is bringing lots of new features to Microsoft's OS. Users will get better performance, significantly improved UI (at least at a glance,) better productivity tools, Android app support, an all-new Store, and many more. As it is usual with every major feature update, new Windows versions take some capabilities away. While lists of removed and deprecated features for Windows 10 updates have been mostly small and insignificant, Windows 11 changes quite a chunk of existing features.