Winaero Tweaker 1.62.1 is available with fixes and one new feature

Winaero Tweaker 1.62 1.62.1 is here. It is a minor release that aims at fixing bugs and inconveniences introduced in the previous version.

Winaero Tweaker 1.62

  • Fixed invalid version report for Windows 11 22H2/23H2. It should now also recognize 24H2.
  • The option to hide the 'Home' page in Settings is now visible in Windows 11 22H2.
  • Fixed a crash in import/export.
  • Fixed a crash in File Explorer classic options
  • New feature: Lock with BitLocker drive context menu option to lock an unlocked drive with ease.Tweaker Bitlocker Context MenuLock Drive Bitlocker Context Menu

Version 1.62.1

Version 1.62.1, issued on February 15, adds four more fixes. The following options were incorrectly reporting their "enabled" status and appeared unchecked when you open the appropriate page.

* Ads & Unwanted Apps > Personalized Ads
* Ads & Unwanted Apps > Tailored Experiences
* Boot and logon > Disable Lock Screen
* Context menus > Unblock downloaded files
* Windows 11 > Disable Copilot

Now they show the feature state properly.

Download Winaero Tweaker 1.62.1

You can download Winaero Tweaker using the following links.

Other resources.

Release History | The list of Winaero Tweaker features | Winaero Tweaker FAQ

Winaero Tweaker 1.55 allows restoring removed checkboxes in Folder options on Windows 11

I am happy to release Winaero Tweaker 1.55. I have found an easy way to restore the removed checkboxes in Window 11's Folder options. So I have updated Winaero Tweaker with the ability to restore the missing options back. Also, I have fixed a typo in the Icon max cache size tweak, so it finally works properly. Finally, I fixed a crash in the "Change Startup Sound" option.

Winaero Tweaker 1.54 allows you to manage removed File Explorer settings in Windows 11

Here's a quick update of Winaero Tweaker. Version 1.54 includes a new "Classic Folder Options" page under the File Explorer category. It allows you to manage all the settings that Microsoft has removed in Windows 11 Build 23481. Also, it includes two fixes.

Winaero Tweaker 1.40 is here with new features and fixes

I am releasing a new version of Winaero Tweaker. Traditionally, there are some fixes and updates, as well as new features. It now can properly recognize Windows 11 22H2 and its successor. Also on Windows 11, it will allow you to show tray icons on two or three rows, enable stickers, remove the Spotlight icon from Desktop, remove "add to favorites" from context menu, and more. There are also new features for other Windows versions.

Winaero Tweaker 1.33 allows you to restore the classic search in File Explorer

A quick update here.

Winaero Tweaker 1.33

➕added: You can enable the classic search in File Explorer on Windows 10 version 1909 and above. The one without online content and with the size:, date: filters, etc.
☑️ fixed: the app wasn't able to import bookmarks on Windows 10 properly. E.g. it could only import 5 of 20.

Some screenshots:

Winaero Tweaker 1.33
Winaero Tweaker 1.33
Modern Search
Modern Search in Windows 10
Classic Search
Classic Search enabled with Winaero Tweaker

Download Winaero Tweaker 1.33

You can download Winaero Tweaker using the following links.

Other resources.

Release History | The list of Winaero Tweaker features | Winaero Tweaker FAQ

Thanks to everyone involved in this release, and special thanks to each and every app user!

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