Firefox 48 beta is out with multiprocess mode enabled by default

Earlier, we noted that developers are going to enable multiprocess mode, known as process-per-tab or electrolysis (e10s) for 1% of users who do not use add-ons. Unlike the release version, Firefox 48 beta comes with electrolysis enabled for everyone.

Firefox 48 will come with “Electrolysis” (process per tab) enabled

Firefox 48, which is currently in the beta stage, is expected to be released to stable branch users in August 2016. A notable change Mozilla developers are going to enable by default in this release is the multiprocess mode, known as "electrolysis" or just e10s. This will be enabled for at least some users.

Best addons for Firefox – 2016 Winaero edition

Mozilla Firefox is my browser of choice since most of the mainsteam browsers are Chromium-based, which I never liked for their non-customizable user interface. I can't even have multirow tabs in Chrome, so I switched to Firefox a long time ago. While the Vivaldi browser looks very promising for advanced users, I have not switched to this browser completely yet, since it is far from complete and a lot remains to be done. Today, I would like to share with you my list of favorite add-ons for Firefox, which I consider must-have for every user. Hopefully, you will find them useful too.

Firefox will get an improved bookmarks user interface

With the next few upcoming releases, Mozilla Firefox will get a refined bookmarks UI. Developers from Mozilla are working to make it more logical and easy to use for the end user. This will affect the "star" button behavior and the appearance of the bookmarks menu in the browser.

Mozilla is experimenting with Chromium based browser

Mark Mayo, Mozilla CEO and chief manager of Firefox, has introduced project Tofino. In that project, there are a number of GUI experiments for a web browser which Mozilla is working on. Firefox development is not going to be affected but it's a fact that Firefox usage has been going down steadily. It is interesting that the whole project is built on top of a Chromium-based engine Electron, created by GitHub for Atom editor. Instead of XUL used in Mozilla, the browser's user interface is created using React.

Firefox 48 will get Narrator in Reader view

A new interesting feature is going to be introduced in Firefox 48. It will get a Narrate option for the Reader view. Once the user enters this mode, he can enable the speech synthesizer, which will read aloud the page content for you using a computerized voice. Let's explore this feature in detail.

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