Mozilla may start collecting anonymous Firefox browsing data

A few days ago, Mozilla's Georg Fritzsche published information that the company has a plan to collect extra data about your browsing pages. This data collection is supposed to be in a privacy-preserving way. According to the source, this data will help the Firefox product team improve the browser.

How to Disable Address Bar Search Suggestions in Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox 55 comes with search suggestions enabled by default in the address bar of the browser. While many people might like this change, there are some who do not want to see those suggestions in their browser. If you want to disable this feature, follow the instructions in this article.

How to Enable The Screenshot Button In Firefox 55

As you may already know, starting with Firefox 54 the browser comes with a new Screenshots feature which allows the user to capture an opened web page and save it to a file or upload for sharing. In this article, we will see how to enable the Screenshot toolbar button in Firefox for faster access to this feature.

Firefox Is Getting The Screenshots Feature

In recent builds of Firefox Nightly, you can find a new feature called Firefox Screenshots. It will allow you to capture a visible portion of an opened page or the whole page including the portion which is not visible without scrolling. With a single click, you can upload your screenshots and get a link to share with your friends.

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