Google wants to make the tab mute button easier to discover

Google is working on bringing a tab mute button to its browser, similar to how Microsoft Edge allows its users to disable the sound on a web page by clicking a speaker button on the tab strip. Currently, the mute button is available behind an experimental flag in the Canary channel, which is off by default. Google wants to improve feature discoverability in Chrome by adding a special banner. It will let users know that they can mute a tab with a single click.

Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store is now region-specific

Microsoft Edge supports installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store, which means the browser no longer suffers from the lack of popular extensions. Still, the software giant continues investing in its own add-ons store for the Edge browser. The latest update for the Edge Add-ons Store brings discoverability improvements and region-specific collections.

PowerToys 0.55.1 fixes a bug with settings not being saved

A couple of days ago, Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.55 with three new utilities. The latest version brought two new modules for File Explorer add-ons and a crosshair for the cursor. Now there is a new version available for download. Release 0.55.1 fixes several annoying bugs, such as the app not saving settings.

Unpin Teams from taskbar in Windows 11 to save RAM

Every fresh Windows 11 installation comes with a few new icons pinned to the taskbar by default: Task View, Windows Search, Windows Widgets, and Microsoft Teams. As it turned out, Windows Widgets and Microsoft Teams consume noticeable amounts of RAM, even if you do not use them. A solution? Just unpin them.

Microsoft may force Edge users to watch YouTube videos embedded in Bing

Microsoft Edge gets major feature updates every four weeks. These updates usually bring helpful features and quality improvements, but they often annoy users by resetting settings and changing search engines. Moreover, users recently accused Microsoft of messing with third-party browsers after a Windows update changed the default search engine in Chrome from Google to Bing.

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