Add Printer to Send To Menu in Windows 10

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How to Add Printer to Send To Menu in Windows 10

You can add any installed printer to the 'Send to' context menu to print any document or file much faster. It won't be changing your default printer or require executing extra menu commands. Also, you can have more than one printer in the Send to context menu to select where to print your files instantly.

The Send To context menu of File Explorer in Windows 10 contains various items by default such as Desktop, Bluetooth, Mail and so on. You might have noticed that some applications are able to extend the Send To menu with their own shortcuts. For example, Skype places its icon into the Send To menu.

In Windows 10, the Send To context menu of File Explorer contains various items:

  • Compressed folder - allows you to add the selected file or folder inside a ZIP file.
  • Desktop - allows you to create a shortcut to the selected file and place it directly on the Desktop.
  • Documents - allows you to send the selected item to the Documents folder.
  • Fax recipient - will send the selection by fax via the default fax program.
  • Mail recipient - will send the selection by e-mail via your default email program.
  • Removable drives and network shares.
  • Bluetooth device - allows sending the files to a paired Bluetooth device.

The user can customize it by adding folders and apps to that menu, and change icons for default items. It is also possible to place a printer shortcut there to print any document or file to the desired printer directly without changing you default printer and selecting it in the Print dialog.

Let's review the procedure in detail.

To Add Printer to Send To Menu in Windows 10,

    1. Open File Explorer.
    2. Type or copy-paste the following line into Explorer's address bar: shell:PrintersFolder. Hit the Enter key to open the Printers folder.
    3. Now, open a new File Explorer instance, e.g. Shift + left click on File Explorer icon.
    4. In the new window, type shell:sendto in the Explorer's address bar, and hit Enter.
    5. Now you have the 'Send To' and 'Printers' folders opened. Drag and drop the printer(s) of your choice from the Printers folder to Send to.
    6. Rename the printer, and/or change its icon if you want.

You are done! This way you can create shortcuts for all printers you moved to the Printers folder, so they will be accessible instantly from the right-click menu in File Explorer. This is very useful.

Note: The shell:sendto and shell:PrintersFolder are special shell command which can be used to quickly open system folders. Read the following articles for details:

That's it.

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