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Microsoft is working hard on the built-in Your Phone app and regularly adds features to help users to take most of the app. One more change is on the way to the app users. It will soon show a confirmation when the user tries to close multiple app windows.

Windows 10 comes with a special app, Your Phone, that allows pairing your Android or iOS smartphone with your desktop computer and browse your phone data on the PC.

Your Phone was first introduced during Build 2018. The app is intended to allow users to sync their smartphones running Android or iOS with Windows 10. The app allows syncing Messages, Photos, and Notifications with a device running Windows 10, e.g. to view and edit photos stored on your smartphone directly on the computer.

Since its first introduction, the app has received tons of new features and improvements. The app supports Dual SIM devices.  In addition to the battery level indicator, and inline replies, the app is able to render the background image of your smartphone. It also allows linking multiple phones with a single PC. Recent versions of Your Phone app show a notification toast for a message received on your paired Android phone.

Note: Some of the features of the Your Phone app are hidden for the user, but you can unblock them. Check out  Force enable Your Phone app's secret hidden features in Windows 10.

Earlier Microsoft announced the ability to run multiple Android apps in the Windows 10 session, and the ability to resize their windows.

Starting with the application "Your Phone" v1.20111.105.0, a new option has been added called "Multiple Windows". When the option is enabled, the app will warn users before closing multiple windows.

What it does

It is useful when you are using multiple Android application windows, in addition to the primary Your Phone application window. In this case, if you close the primary Your Phone application window with Multiple Windows disabled, it will automatically close all windows in the Phone application.

If Multiple Windows is enabled, you will see the following dialog box:

You still have other windows open. Closing the application will close all associated windows that you have opened.

With this warning, users can check all associated windows before closing the Your Phone app. Also, you can turn off this warning by checking the Do not ask again box.

By default, the Your Phone app has the Multiple Windows option enabled. However, you can turn it off and on by going to Settings> Personalization> Enable Multiple Windows.

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