Xbox X-themed Wallpapers Are Available for Download from Microsoft

After announcement of the latest generation of Xbox consoles, Xbox Series X, Microsoft is releasing a set of Xbox X themed wallpapers, featuring games like Gears 5, Star Wars, and a set of images with the Series X logo.

Xbox Wallpapers

If you are a fan of Xbox consoles, you might want to download the images and set them as a wallpaper for your Xbox One console or PC.

Download the wallpapers

The marketing slogan for Xbox Series X says "Fastest. Most Powerful". The same is used for the released wallpapers:

The new console generation is known to be utilizing a customized 8 core CPU and a Navi-based GPU from AMD. It is able to produce a 8K image output, along with 16 GB of RAM. For a comparison, the Xbox One S console lacks 4K game support, while the newest One X supports 4K apps, Blu-ray media, and games.



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