Microsoft Releases Indexer Diagnostics App for Windows Search

Microsoft is releasing a new app that is intended to help users with diagnosing and resolving Windows Search issues. The app is able to inspect the search index database, its usage statistics, and other details.


However, displaying the advanced info on the search database is not the only function of the app. It comes with a sidebar that includes a number of extra options to check.

Indexer Diagnostics

Indexer Diagnostics Features

  • Service status displays the stats about file indexing.
  • Search is not working - allows restarting the indexing service, rebuilding the Search Index, and also sending a report about non-working service.Indexer Diagnostics 2
  • Is my file indexed - this tool allows to check is a specific file is included to the search index database.
  • What is being indexed - allows exploring the contents of the search index database.
  • Performance - there are a number of performance details can be found on this tab, along with logs.
  • Search roots - displays locations where the search indexer will be begin its search. E.g., for a file, it will first look in the root of the system drive.

The app requires Windows 10 version 1809 or above.

Usually, it is enough to rebuild the Search Index in Windows 10 to fix issues with search. The Indexer Diagnostics can be useful to see extra details about the search index status. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store:

Download Indexer Diagnostics

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1 thought on “Microsoft Releases Indexer Diagnostics App for Windows Search

  1. Jason

    This is pathetic. The fact Microsoft feels they need to release a diagnostics app for search, rather than actually fix long-standing issues people have had with search (issues that were NOT present in Windows 7 or even 8/8.1) tells me more about the ability of the current generation of Windows programmers than anything.


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